10 Affirmations for Stress Relief

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10 Affirmations for Stress Relief

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Our thoughts create our reality. Here are some affirmations for stress relief which create a more positive, happier, and more fulfilling reality.

It is best to accompany any affirmations with deep breathing.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose, and let it slowly out through your mouth.  Repeat this several times.

While continuing slow, deep breaths, repeat the affirmation of your choice to yourself.  You don’t need to repeat all 10.

These stress relief affirmations are just ideas; you should reword them so that they feel natural to you.

Affirmations for Stress Relief

1. I choose to let go of my stress.

2. Anxiety solves no problems.  Actions solve problems.  I choose to act.

3. I am intelligent and capable enough to succeed at anything that is important to me.

4. I am releasing tension from my mind and body.

5. I choose to feel calm and secure.

6. I am capable of handling any difficulties that might come my way.

7. Problems only have power if I believe that they are problems.

8. With each breath out, stress leaves my body.

9. I gently release all my worries and fears.

10. I am relaxed and at peace.

11. (Did I say there were only 10?  Oops.) I am in control of my life and my circumstances.

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