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10 Surprising Habits of Happy People

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10 Surprising Habits of Happy People

Have you ever known someone who is perpetually happy? How do they do it, day in and day out? Do they have something you and I don’t? Well, no. And yes. Their circumstances are probably no better than anyone else’s, but they cultivate the habits that encourage happiness.

Mastering just one of these habits of happy people can hugely improve your outlook!

1. Know That This Moment Is All You Have

You can’t do anything to change the past, and we have no guarantee that the future will even arrive! So stop thinking about the past, or worrying about the future—focus on today, and today only.

It’s amazing how much time we waste worrying about the future or the past, and we fail to notice that nine times (or more) out of ten, if we stop to pay attention, in any given moment we are actually just fine. Remember that, and try to enjoy the small details of your day, such as sipping a perfect cup of coffee, talking to your family, and moving through your day with ease.

This single moment is where happiness is—how happy you are in it is all up to you!

2. Be Grateful for Each Second

If you find it difficult to “enjoy the moment,” focus on giving thanks for what you have, right now. For one, you have internet access if you’re reading this. Do you know how fortunate that makes you? And if you are online, chances are you are inside, with a roof over your head, warm, etc.

And that’s just the beginning! Are you healthy? Do you have friends and family? A job? Practice being grateful for all that you have, and you will find that happiness comes to you more easily.

Give your appreciation to each moment—that will attract more good things to come!

3. Go to Your “Happy Place”

Pick your own happy place and redirect your energy and perspective to something that makes you feel good!

Your “happy place” can be anything—a person, place, or thing that improves the way you feel about yourself.  A beach, a quiet room, a walk with your sweetie…

When you are overwhelmed, take five minutes, breathe deeply, and visualize being there, taking in everything it offers.

4. Remember That the Only Things You Can Truly Control Are Your Thoughts

You can’t control what other people do, you can’t control the weather, and you can’t control all the random events that cross your path.

But you can control your reactions to those things.

Control your thoughts by simply noticing how you react to things.  Most of the time when we aren’t in control of our thoughts, it’s because we just aren’t paying attention to them.  Once you give your thoughts some thought, you’ll find them much easier to control.

5. Color!

Coloring isn’t just for kids.  It’s a great way for adults to de-stress, too!

Coloring puts you into a meditative state as it allows extraneous thoughts to flow out of your head and puts your focus on just one thing.

Don’t give yourself “rules” for coloring. Turn off your inner art critic and just let yourself go!

6. Let Fido Fix It

Dogs can perk your mood right up!  Everyone knows a good, slobbery dog kiss can really cut through a grumpy day.

Get a double dose of happiness by taking your dog for a walk in the fresh air.  Let him walk you for a change, and pay attention to what makes him tick.

Pretend you are experiencing the world from his perspective.  Dirt is amazing!  Look!  Squirrel!

7. Give Your Time Away

Give your time to others, and you’ll instantly feel happy.

Volunteer for any cause you’re passionate about—smile, and really try to get to know those you’re helping.

Focus on the difference you’re making in someone’s life, and make a monthly commitment (or whatever works with your schedule).

8. Get Excited Like a Toddler Does

Life too serious these days? Get down on the ground, and mimic what a child looks at and how he/she sees the world.

Laugh at the things children do, and be silly just because.

Try this: Lie down outside on your back, and stare up at the trees and sky! (The world looks fun from this angle!)

9. Write ‘Em A Nastygram

Is someone or something driving you nuts?  Write it out!

Address a letter to that person, or even to that situation, and tell it exactly how you feel!

Write freely, with no reservations about what you have to say.

Don’t censor yourself—the very act of writing can be a great way to purge negative feelings that prevent happiness.

After writing the letter, read it out loud and throw it away.  <–That part is pretty important, by the way.  Seriously.  Don’t send it.  Throw it away, and let it go.

10. Know Your Roots

Find someone in your family (an older relative such as a grandparent, uncle, or aunt) who can recall memories about his or her early life.

Learn about where you came from, and learn about life from someone else’s perspective. This is a rich way to learn about them, yourself, and the world.

Gain a fresh perspective by listening to their stories.  This will help you improve your own happiness and appreciation.

A Few Last Words …

Happiness is all about the feelings you generate within. Focus on developing your inner self, and don’t worry about what’s outside of you.  When you do, you’ll see that you hold the power over your own happiness!

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Waking Up in a Bad Mood? Start Waking Up Right!

Category : Happiness

Waking Up in a Bad Mood? Start Waking Up Right!

Waking up in a bad mood pretty much guarantees that you will face challenges and obstacles from sunup to sundown. This article lays out some easy ideas for vastly improving your mood.

The Benefits of Going to Bed Happy, Not Mad

If you go to bed happy and appreciative for everything that happened in your day and chances are you’ll feel relaxed and stress-free in the morning.

Being happy at bedtime improves your quality of sleep, increases your productivity for the next days’ work, gives you an increase in energy the next day, and even allows you to make healthier choices such as eating well (studies show that when you’re angry, depressed, or stressed, you’ll be more likely to eat high-carb and high-sugar foods).

How to be happy at bedtime?

Keep a Consistent Nighttime Schedule

Keeping a consistent nighttime schedule gets your body in the habit of knowing when it is time to wind down and go to sleep.  Like a grumpy toddler, your body isn’t happy when its sleep routine is disrupted.

Start by making sure that you can get a full 8 hours of sleep every night.

Before bed, give yourself some quality time, as opposed to time “zoned out” doing things like watching TV or surfing the internet.

Make your routine personalized, and do something that relaxes you so that you never go to bed angry. Focus on any activity that allows you to wind down and de-stress.

Nighttime Rituals for Improving Your Odds of Waking Up Happy

Take a bubble bath, write in your journal, or play some meditation or classical music.

Turn off the TV and computer at least one hour before going to bed.  Put away your phone and iPad.  The lights from those devices can confuse your body into thinking there is still daylight left.

Make sure that you stop eating at least two to three hours before going to bed (eating too late can cause insomnia).  Ditch the caffeine in the evening, too.

Take a hot shower, and visualize the clean, pure water that comes cascading down on your back and neck as replenishing you from your stress and anxiety. As you wash yourself clean, imagine the dirt coming off of your body as the stress, weight, and worry of your day rinsing down the drain, leaving you replenished and invigorated.

Read something positive right before going to bed (no more late-night TV).

Put a few drops of your favorite relaxing scent on your pillow, such as eucalyptus, lemon, or lavender.

Get rid of any work papers that are in your bedroom. They don’t belong there! Keep anything work-related (that includes your cellphone that has work emails or reminder notes) in a designated office space in your home; if you don’t have one, keep them confined to your briefcase. Studies show that doing work in bed promotes more anxiety, and if you’re making a habit of reading or writing emails late at night, you’re never turning yourself “off” from the stress and giving yourself a chance to unwind and rest.


When you set your day up for success by having a positive attitude and giving yourself a strict nighttime routine to help you unwind and reflect, you’ll keep yourself from waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Apply these tips in order to wake up joyful, grateful and happy every single morning!

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11 Reasons to Smile Your Way to Success

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11 Reasons to Smile Your Way to Success

Did you know that the simple act of smiling can make you more successful? Read on for 11 reasons why …

1. A smile means you’re friendly.

If a stranger approached you, made eye contact, and then broke into a broad smile, you would have a fairly good idea that they were friendly and meant you no harm.

On the flip side, we would find it far more difficult to trust a grumpy, scowling stranger.  Or a grumpy, scowling coworker, for that matter!

2. A smile makes people happy.

When someone treats you to a smile, even a stranger, you usually smile back.  For that moment you both enjoy a flash of positive communication without even saying a word.

When you smile at someone, you have brought a moment of happiness into their lives which–who knows?–could last all day.  And people remember how you make them feel.

3. Smiling is infectious.

When you spend a lot in the company of someone who smiles a lot, you will soon discover that their smile starts to wear off on you.  It is hard not to return a smile; most of us do it at a subliminal level without thinking.

And if you can be the one who make other people smile all the time?  Success is practically guaranteed.

4. Smiling can make you popular.

Which type of people do you prefer? People who scowl and complain or people who smile and say nice things?

The choice is obvious. If you want people to like you, smile more!

5. A smile is usually returned.

When someone smiles back at you it make you feel good inside. You have just made a short but very positive communication and possibly the first step in the process of getting to know or making friends with someone new.

6. Smiling makes you positive and happy inside.

Even if you aren’t happy, the physical act of smiling actually makes you feel happier.  So if you smile more often, you will actually become a happier person.

7. A smile makes you look far more attractive.

You don’t see many celebrities or media personalities that are not smiling.  If you did, it is fairly certain that their popularity would quickly start to drop!

8. Smiling makes you stand out.

Have you noticed that smiling people are usually far more memorable than those that are not? You are 3 times more likely to remember a person that is smiling over one that is wearing a negative or neutral features.

9. Smiling is good for your health.

Smiling can release the stress, worry, and tension that you have built up throughout the day. Long term, developing the smiling habit will be one of the smartest things that you can do to improve most aspects of your life. Health is wealth!

10. The effects of smiling can last for hours.

Smiling puts you in a positive frame of mind. When you are in a positive state, you have far more potential and power to advance and improve your life.

11. Smiling is FREE!

You are never going to run short of smiles, and they don’t cost a thing.

A Few Last Words …

When you weigh up the positive points of smiling, it is a no-brainer decision to smile more often.  Keep smiling!

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Category : Happiness


This is one of my favorite short films. It’s a feel-good piece about everyone’s need for validation, and how the smallest things we say and do can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

It’ll take you 16 minutes to watch, but I promise it will put a smile on your face!

Check it out here:


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Finding Your Authentic Life

Category : Happiness

Finding Your Authentic Life

Do you ever feel like a puppet, as if your hands and legs are tied up in what others want you to do, instead of what you want to do? Over your lifetime, you’ll change, transform and evolve. To find happiness and contentment, stay true to yourself by incorporating the following tips and tricks for finding your authentic life.

What Is Living an Authentic Life All About?

Who you are and what you do are not the same thing. Even though the roles we take on in life can feel like who you are–whether you are parent, student, or lawyer–deep down, you are separate from all that. It’s part of you, but it doesn’t define you.

Who you are–your authentic self–is about choices you make. It’s about your wisdom, talents, passions, and those unique things you choose to express.

Living authentically means listening to your intuition, and doing what feels right, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. Choose what makes you feel like you have a sense of freedom—not what is best for your parents, or most acceptable for society.

That doesn’t mean you should abandon what you are–you don’t necessarily need to switch jobs or disown your family to be true to yourself! Finding your authentic life means choosing love over fear, every time you’re faced with a choice, big or small.

What Makes You Come Alive?

What did you love doing as a child? Playing sports, acting in plays or figuring out how to create tall buildings made out of Legos? Whatever you loved doing as a child is most often the deepest desire you truly have, and what you still love to do now.

What traits set you apart from everyone else? Focus on this list, and remind yourself of it every single day—as you do, it will create confidence and a desire to live that life.

Focus on What You Can and Will Do to Make Your Goals Happen

Make a list of all of your goals (big and small), then divide each goal into smaller and smaller tasks. If your calling is, for example, to sell your mural paintings instead of working as a legal secretary, focus on small, actionable steps you can take right now to make that happen. Paint one picture this month. Call a gallery to see whether they are accepting submissions, etc.

There is always something you can be doing. If you feel stuck on your current path and want to take a more honest approach to living your life, focus on a weekly goal. As smaller goals become a reality, set your intention for bigger goals.

Pursue Creative Interests, and Make Them Part of Your Life

Ask yourself: What do I love doing? What makes me feel alive? What activities make me feel energetic, and what activities make me feel a loss of energy and motivation?

Focus on taking up new hobbies—photography, cooking class, a beginner’s class on entrepreneurship, etc. Experiment with new hobbies and find out what excites you!

A Few Last Words …

Your authentic self is like a thumbprint which sets you apart from every other person in the world and defines you, uniquely. Focus on what is important to you and what your passions are in order to continue moving forward in an authentic way.

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How Can You Live Your Life without Regret

Category : Happiness

How Can You Live Your Life without Regret ?

Have you ever regretted cheating on someone, not taking a second chance on love, not taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, or allowing someone or something to hold you back, as if you were scared and frozen from the negative experience? Chances are, at least one of those things has gotten in the way of living life to the fullest.

No one wants to live life regretting the many things you did do, or didn’t have the courage to do. Sometimes we don’t take advantage of situations for fear of what might happen should we take a risk. Use this guide to help you avoid regretting a moment of your life, and as a result, live the best life possible!

Take Control

Conquering regret is all about control—what can you control in this moment and what can’t you? Health, a boyfriend/girlfriend’s actions, job security, how much you put into your savings account, a perfect cup of coffee—some are in your control, some aren’t.

There is one thing you definitely can control—your thoughts!

Focus on living life in the moment, and consciously choosing to take charge of your life. Some of the ideas below may seem silly to you, but each of these acts allows you to be in control. The more you take charge, the less regret will have a chance to seep into your life.

Some Ways to Seize the Day

Shake up some things in your life—focus on doing something outside the norm of your existence. If you go to the same store every other day, choose a different one. Take a different exercise class that will invigorate you, or try going vegetarian if you have been contemplating it but haven’t been sure you could actually do it!

Sing in the shower, and continue in the car! Sing to your heart’s content—it’s a release from any kind of negative emotion you’re dealing with and very healing to do at the start of your day. Laugh, sing and have a happy, can-do attitude all day long!

Dress to impress. Look as good as you think you can possibly look—then take it up another notch! Get your hair done, buy a new outfit for your Monday work day, and walk with confidence.

Do something you think you just can’t do. Impress yourself with a loud, over-the-top, guts-or-glory situation that allows you to be scared … just a little bit. Envy yourself for a change by applying for a position with a steep learning curve, or stop eating sugar just to see the change in your body and energy level.

A Few Last Words

Regret is common, but when you are able to focus on new and improved ways to transform how you think, act and behave, you can actually nip the fear in the bud. Use these suggestions to feel empowered, gain confidence and courageously pave your own way in life!


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