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We are how we think

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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”- Henry Ford. Yes Henry Ford is so right. We behave exactly the way we think. Thinking positive is believing yourself. A positive thinker is a confidant, self reliance man who never gives up and always finds out solution in every problem.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and one of the richest man in the world once said in a interview that he always find opportunity in people’s problem. He explained it beautifully in that interview that he always tries to solve people problem and makes profit out of it. This way his customers get satisfaction and he finds another business idea. What a positive attitude he has, isn’t it??

On the other hand people with negative thoughts become lazy, superstitious and irritative. These kind of people always find a problem in every opportunity. They pollutes their surroundings with negative thoughts. They even can destroy someone confidence and will power with the negative thoughts because they are so sure about what they think, they can easily convince anyone. So it is better to avoid these kind of people.

We should understand ourselves first. We should understand and realize the dream and the life we are expecting to live. We should repaire our thinking power because our brain is the powerful force that drives us. So we always should be thinking positive and should always try to face whatever come in our way to achieve our dream.

Life is short. We are here for few years so we better understand this that if our thinking is harming us then why would we letting it kill us from inside. We are here in this world to live a beautiful life with our near and dear ones. How can we allow our thinking to kill us as well as the people whom we live with.

How to deal with Negative thought :

  • We should always follow successful people. By doing this regularly can eliminate our negative thoughts completely.
  • Always try to be with successful people. They will give you some golden nuggets of becoming successful. You can learn their working ability, decision making, knowledge of that particular field. This way you can develop a positivity in you.
  • When you see anyone speaking any negative thing you must immediately leave the room. Negative thoughts not only harms in your thinking ability but also destroys your willingness to go for a dream.
  • Study and study more. The more you will learn the more knowledge you will gather and this boost your confidence and helps thinking positive about your life.
  • Read Successful people stories. Their struggle, their success. People get inspired only knowing the struggle of a successful man because they somehow relate to that situation.
  • Always make yourself busy. Don’t stay idle. Keeping busy don’t allow negative thought to come to your mind.
  • Keep smiling and have silence. This will have you handle problem with a nice smile and avoid unwanted condition with silence.
  • Meditation helps keeping your brain fresh. It is a very good habit if you can adapt it. If you can meditate at least for 15 minutes and then starts your day you will find a big difference in your approach towards handling your work.
  • Keep yourself fit. A healthy person carries positive attitude. Work out daily.
  • Be you. Believe in yourself and follow your dream.

Remember negative thoughts is a slow poison. It can kill us gradually and by the time we realize it is too late. We should do such thing that young people can follow our step. Only successful people are remembered and followed not others.

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Gaining Motivation For Your Projects

Category : Motivation

There are many men and women through the course of history who has left their marks undeniable feats of courage and passion. They were highly motivated and dedicated who showed a lot of courage and determination to achieve what they set out to do in their lives.

Their deeds of courage and dedication have inspired countless generations who always looked up to them for inspiration.

But how did these great men and women inspire themselves to achieve these feats? At the end of the day they were just ordinary human beings much like us; so what is that made the difference between them and us and enabled them to achieve these extraordinary feats?

As Thomas Alva Edison the greatest inventor of the 20th century had once observed, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Rightly so, motivation which is a key aspect of success, apart from hard work and patience, is something that comes from external factors.

Motivation is the next biggest factor for success in anything that you may do. It is what makes the difference between a man who is successful and one who is a failure in life. With almost all the great men and women that we may have read about in the pages of history there has been at least one incident which later inspired them to succeed. However motivation is different to inspiration. Motivation is something that is the result of external factors whereas inspiration is purely internal.

In an interesting story in the point is the life of Joe Girard, an American who is widely known as the greatest automobile seller the world over. He holds the record for selling the highest number of cars and trucks for period of 12 consecutive years when he was working for a Chevrolet dealer.

That record is yet to be broken. He also holds the distinction for being the only salesman ever to be featured in the Automobile Hall of fame.

Joe Girard lived a miserable life and always grew up always tormented by his father, who probably because of his own failure in life always made it a point to take it out on his younger son. He always told Girard that he will never be able to have success in life.

On the contrary his mother always inspired Joe and gave him confidence. Probably his parents contrasting behavior to him contributed to his tremendous success in later life. He took heart from his mother’s words and wanted to live up to her faith in him.

At the same time he wanted to prove his father that he was wrong about his younger son. Joe grew up in abject poverty and that determined him to start earning for his family at a tender age of Nine first as a shoeshine boy and then as a news carrier. His first success was when he brought home his earnings to his mother. Joe’s story is an inspiring tale of hard work, sheer determination and the urge to make it big in life.

But how does motivation work and makes some one stand out?

Well to state simply motivation is the desire to do something bigger and better by breaking the norms of the society and creating a path which is off the stereotype. People who are motivated are usually path breakers and they create their own rules in life and set their own destiny. They set out to do something bigger and better and thus in the process change all the rules and set new standards.

Take the example of Leonardo Da Vinci the Italian painter, sculptor, and multi faceted genius who is widely considered to be the most multi talented person ever in the history of man. Leonardo undoubtedly was a genius and was ahead of his time in terms of his knowledge, thinking and methodologies to unearth the mysteries that were unknown to man. He often employed methods which appeared strange and crude for his time to find out more about these mysteries. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and all things factual made him think that all the troubles that he is taking in are worth it.

Another great example in point is that of Soichiro Honda the founder of the Honda Motor Company. Soichiro was born to a blacksmith in Hamamatsu in Japan and apprenticed at his father’s bicycle repair workshop. He had no formal education in mechanics, metallurgy or engineering but his father’s inspiration and patronage in all things helped him to later in start one of the best motor companies in the world.

Loss of Motivation can cause an acute fall in the performance level. Sometimes when you are working too hard and trying for success too much you tend to lose motivation. Doing the same thing over and over can also create mental fatigue. Taking time off in such circumstance is best.

It helps bring back the level of motivation and interest to carry on working. This break will also serve you by allowing you to assess your work, the mistakes that you have been doing and what is needed to correct them.

This is almost like a pit-stop. When driving for a few laps you need to change your tire or need a quick refinement, the pit-stop allows you that refinements and repairs and also allows you those vital few seconds where you can take a breadth and return back to the track.

Different people of different approaches to bring the motivation back. Some people prefer taking a break and not thinking about work at all. they prefer to stay away from anything even remotely connected with work, they just need the time off to bring back the focus and the motivation that has been missing.

Overdoing something is never the right approach, no matter how much you like doing it. You are bound to get tired and lose interest in it. It is always advisable to take that vital time off to keep things fresh. Others like a few minutes all by themselves to gather their thoughts and focus back.

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How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Category : Motivation

Motivation is a most powerful force which can change the whole perspective of taking any challenge in life. It can drive any non expert to become a pro in their respective field. Motivational force comes from inside. It changes your personality and make a different person altogether. But to keep maintaining this force is really hard and most of us fail just because we can’t continue in the same way for a long time.


motivation1Determination and motivation goes hand to hand. Motivation is a magical feeling that may give you the desire to train and Determination is the decision to train no matter how you feel because you desire results.


When you decide to do something or choose your dream to become somebody in life then there shouldn’t be any second thought over that decision. You have to be completely clear in your mind. You draw a picture of your success and start chasing it no matter what happens.


Lets talk about some motivational tips which can be very helpful to keep yourself motivated all the time.



These three words can be very powerful if you keep saying it over and over again. Anyone who can repeat these three magical words in their mind can see a dramatic change in his/her attitude towards achieving any goal. If your are just starting out to chase your dream you should change your attitude towards every step you take.


These three magical words start developing self belief and push you to work much harder and help you find ways to improve your singing. Be the one who wants it happen. Its in your hand. Its you who can and will make it BIG.



Is it possible to live without breathing ?? Very weird question, right. Take your choosing dream like a passion. Start living with it as if you can’t live without it. Dedicate your life completely to fulfill everything that your dream demands. If you can develop this feeling then everything will automatically follow.


Having an aim in life is itself  so nice that it gives a person motivation to live his/her life with meaning. When you strongly desire what you want to be then it is not so difficult to adapt this kind of attitude. Start taking your dream like the way you breath to live. This will keep motivating you to do better all the time again and again.



This is very important to keep yourself motivated to become a successful person. Everyone has a ideal person whom he/she loves and dream of to be like him or her. But have you ever thought of suppressing your idol someday and go beyond what he has achieved in his life. If not then please start thinking about it only then you will get the force inside to push yourself harder and this will help moving consistently in your life.


When you develop this attitude and start thinking to become better than someone you follow your motivation towards your goal to become a successful person becomes more and more aggressive. But take it in a positive way. You know what it will do to with your career ?? This will help keep motivating you to work more and start making your dream much bigger. Try it this thing works and someday you will be singing along side with your most favorite singer.



Don’t let go any second without dreaming of becoming a GREAT and successful person. Always involve yourself into it and go deeper and deeper into it. When you forget about eating and sleeping then you are actually moving towards your goal in right direction. Your practice and following the path in a right way will improve your daily life so as your motivation.


Motivating yourself is far important than you are motivated by anyone else. You need that fire inside you to make it BIG. Until and unless you can’t have that zeal inside you no one can motivate you.


There are lots to be covered. If I keep writing on this topic then it will go on and on. My best suggestion is to Subscribe the FREE guide and along with that I will be providing you some amazing tips to improve you as a successful person. You see, everyone needs a guide to succeed in life. Here I can be your great help. There are some unknown secrets which I can’t share publicly to everyone. I will only share those SECRETS to my loyal subscribers who trust me.

Wish you GOOD LUCK.


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