Change Your Attitude, and Change Your Life!

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Change Your Attitude, and Change Your Life!

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Change Your Attitude, and Change Your Life!

Changing your attitude is crucial if you want to find more happiness. It’s not what’s “out there” that matters, but what you think about yourself that changes the world. So, what are you going to do about it? Feel better about yourself and the world you live in by using any number of these tips, and create a blissful life as a result!

1. Belt it Out!

When stressed, worried or overcome by a person’s negative reaction to something you’ve said or done, think of a song that makes you happy and play it immediately in your head! Better yet, turn it on and sing along!

This can be any song that evokes feelings of pleasure, happiness or laughter. What song from your childhood makes your smile?

This has the potential to shift your mood from grumpy to glad immediately!

2. Be Grateful

Make a list of at least ten things you are grateful for, and read it often—especially first thing in the morning, and right before going to bed.

Focus on giving thanks for everything you have in your life—big and small—that you love and want more of!

3. Walk It Off

Studies show that getting moderate exercise (such as a brisk walk) outdoors is the best and healthiest mood booster around!

Immerse yourself in nature—go somewhere like a park or a nature preserve that will give you plenty of fresh air and scenery.

4. Breathe Deeply

Breathing can improve your circulation, decrease stress, increase brain function, and boost your mood exponentially.

Give yourself an instant boost by by closing your eyes, inhaling for a count to three, and exhaling. A proper deep breath consists of filling your belly up (like a balloon) rather than taking shallow breaths that only move your chest and shoulders.  Repeat this for five full minutes. Listening to music you love while doing this can really help, too!

5. Smile

It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown, so smile more!

Smiling can perk up your mood instantly, because the act of smiling makes your body release endorphins that make you feel happier. It’s a great trick, and it works.

The very act of smiling can perk up someone else’s mood, too.

6. Make Yourself Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine. Find anything that will make you laugh—a video clip, a funny book—and use it!

7. Volunteer

Get outside of yourself and your own thoughts—help someone in need instead!

Tutor inner-city children, offer to help at the local library, help at the soup kitchen—whatever it is that sparks interest and passion in you is a great choice, and helps others immensely. Heck, even the simple act of helping out a co-worker who is stuck can make you feel better.

8. Be Kind

Performing a random act of kindness for someone instantly changes your mood!

Give someone your seat on the bus, pick up something that someone dropped, or help someone by digging out exact change for them at the checkout line…just watch his or her face light up! Don’t forget to smile!

9. Be a Kid

Hang out with children more often. They are the essence of joy, happiness, and bliss, staying in the now and doing what they enjoy moment to moment!

Read them a story, ask them questions, and enjoy being in their presence, as they can remind you what a true optimistic attitude is about!

10. Give Yourself the Present

Remember that worrying about or fearing the future doesn’t do anything good for the present moment—you can’t control the past, you can only control right now.

Your thoughts are vital to your wellbeing and happiness. Focus on the thought you have right now, and then everything will fall into place.

11. Learn Something New

Ever had a hankering to play the guitar, or to learn to fish? Spread your creative wings with something new—painting, cooking delicious stir-fry dishes, writing poetry, etc.

Enjoy discovering a part of yourself you never previously knew about!

12. Run Your Heart Out

Get in the endorphin-packed trance of the runner’s high—an instant mood booster!

Not a runner? Doesn’t matter! Everyone can learn to run. Start slowly, with the help of a plan such as “Couch to 5k” (

Running will help you look good and feel great. What’s not to like?

13. Write it Down

Journaling gives you some time to reflect. It’s a great way to wind down, clarify challenges that lie ahead, or express yourself in a healthy way.

Treat yourself to a nice journal, and use it to write your thoughts daily. Add in visuals such as old photos, pictures from magazines, etc.

A Few Last Words

As often as negativity surrounds us, and as busy as your life may be, all it really takes to have a positive outlook on life is a smile, some random acts of love, and re-centering yourself to appreciate the moment you’re in. Become happier instantly by applying any of these tips to your life, and you’ll see the world for what it truly is—beautiful, splendid and good!

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