Do Affirmations Really Work?

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Do Affirmations Really Work?

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If thoughts are things, then affirmations do work to improve the things in your life. No matter what you’re trying to improve in your life, there is an affirmation for it!

How Affirmations Work

You become what you think about all day long. So if you constantly think of yourself in a happy and positive light, then your body and brain can’t help but to vibrate with positivity. Affirmations help your mind to accept the things you want.

Affirmations don’t produce miracles. If you simply use them without making any changes in your life—for example, using the affirmation “I am healthy and slim” while stuffing yourself with sugars every day—you won’t see any results. You must help them along the way!

When you focus on the change you want to see, it sets the stage for what you will do and can do.
Here are some sample affirmations for you to practice with.

Affirmations for Your Love Life

“Love is all around me.”

“Everything I need is within me.”

“I am grateful for the love that comes effortlessly into my life.”

“I am becoming the perfect partner, and the perfect partner is moving toward me.”

Affirmations for Your Work Life

“I know the steps I need to have the career I want.”

“My boss and I communicate well. My co-workers and I enjoy working as a team.”

“I work hard and am recognized for my effort.”

“I accept the opportunities for career advancement that come into my life daily.”

Affirmations for Health and Wellness

“I feel youthful, alive and vibrant.”

“I wake up every morning feeling refreshed”

“I am strong and fit, and I love the way that exercising makes me feel.”

“My body feels good when I eat wholesome foods.”

“I love my body, and I choose to treat it well.”

A Few Last Words

Focus on affirmations that are worded positively, such as “I choose to spend my time productively” rather than “I’m going to stop lying about on the couch.”

Repeat each affirmation in the morning and right before going to bed at night. Repeat them during the day as often as you can. Affirmations work, and you’ll see an improvement in your life immediately!

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