Secrets to Overcoming Adversity

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Secrets to Overcoming Adversity

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Secrets to Overcoming Adversity

Everyone struggles with one thing or another, and no one’s life is perfect. Adversity is something everyone deals with, and it can really take a toll on our confidence, belief in ourselves, careers, relationships, and happiness.

You can make things easier on yourself when troubles do arise by using a few key strategies. Use the following when you have challenges, and become better, stronger, and more resilient than ever before!

Focus on the Goal (Not the Hardship)

Try to avoid obsessively thinking about the negative hardship that has affected your life. Instead, make it a mission to yourself to overcome adversity, conquer it and become a mentor or role model for everyone else facing hardship.

Focus on the good it has brought you: perhaps it brought you closer to family for support, caring friends, an opportunity to seek out resources and think outside of the box, a chance to start over single with no one to worry about but yourself, greater willpower and resilience, etc.

It also sometimes helps to be grateful for how good you do have it. Have a flat tire? Well, at least I have a job and can get it fixed. Lost your job? Well, at least I have family who loves me. Etc.

Make a List of Your Accomplishments (and Read It Daily)

Overcome adversity by writing lists—every morning, write down every accomplishment you’ve made, or all the good things you have to be thankful for in your life. Re-read it several times throughout the day or right before going to bed at night.

Keep another list of your goals. How do you want this hardship to resolve itself? Write down ideas you have about reaching each goal.

Create a vision board—include positive images of your future, inspirational quotes, and old pictures that bring out feelings of happiness in you.

Everything Passes—Including the Tough Stuff

This too shall pass. Don’t let your brain fall into the trap of thinking this will last forever. It won’t. (Note: If you’d tried to tell me that right after I had lost a dear loved one and had my home destroyed, I would 1) not have believed you and 2) wanted to smack you! But you know what? It really did pass.)

Look forward to the future—everything you have the ability to accomplish, the things you want to see, the people you want to meet, the career you want to have.

Here’s an affirmation to use: “This moment is meant to teach me something important. When the lesson has been learned, the hardship will pass, and greater things are in store. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things will happen!”

Go with Your Gut

Go through the motions of this challenging time, and listen to yourself (forget everyone else).
What feels right as you go about your day, and what doesn’t feel right? Are you taking steps to improve your attitude, or are you surrounding yourself with people who pull you down?

Slow down, be gentle with yourself, and allow yourself time to process what has happened. Focus on what YOU need, and not what other people want.

Laugh about Something Every Day

Tears and laughter are closely related. Try your best to laugh at least once a day, and you’ll take away some of the seriousness of your situation—laugh multiple times in a day, and you’ll heal quickly from the emotional pain.

Pull out old photos from when you were young and crazy (and laugh at your hair from two decades ago!).
Find a funny movie, or even a funny video clip online. Just find something that makes you laugh!

A Few Last Thoughts

Give thanks for all you’ve learned up to this point and all you will continue to learn—including right now in this very moment.

As you learn how to laugh about the harder moments of life and beat those negative thoughts to a pulp with powerful, positive thoughts, you will get through the rough patches with less and less effort and struggle. This too shall pass!

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