What Successful People Have In Common

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What Successful People Have In Common

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Is there a “success personality” – some winning combination of traits that leads almost inevitably what is that secret formula and can anyone cultivate it? Research pin-points a number of traits that recur regularly among top achievers. Here are five of the most important factors seen in successful people :

1. Common sense : To most common sense means the ability to render sound, practical judgement on everyday affairs. To do this, one has to sweep aside extraneous ideas and get right to the core of what matters. The key ability for success is simplifying. The most successful people knows how to simplify a complex problem.

In common sense a trait a person is born with or can you do something to increase it? Common sense can be definitely be developed. A fantastic way to increase your store of common sense is to observe it in others, learning from their and your own mistakes.

2. Knowing one’s field : A specialized knowledge in one’s field is the second most common trait possessed by a successful person. A successful photographer knows how to take a great photograph even if he is given an ordinary camera, that is because his specialized knowledge on that field. He actually understands how an equipment performs the way it does is a part of his success. This example can be fit in every field. Nothing helps success more than knowing what you are doing. It reduces the risks and works like an insurance policy for your own ability.

Once obtained, specialized knowledge isn’t something you should take for granted. The learning process continues even after major peaks have been scaled. To achieve success, you have to want it, then you must work to keep it.

3. Self-reliance : Top achievers rely primarily on their own resources and abilities. Self reliance is not how you feel or how good you are rather its whether you have the gumption to take definitive action to get things moving in your life. It includes plain old will power and the ability to set goals.

Clear goals for lives and careers and will power encompasses the ability to be a self starter and to persevere after dream are some of the most important factor for a successful people.

4. General knowledge : This is essential for understanding achievement because it involves your natural ability to comprehend difficult concepts quickly and to analyse them clearly and incisively. Intelligence and smart action are key to be successful in live. An enquiring mind and broad-ranging interests are fundamental to success.

5. Ability to get things done : At least three important qualities have help people to get success in life – organizational ability, good work habits and diligence. A physics professor summarizes his success formula this way – ” Sheer hard, tenacious work with the ability to pace oneself.”

Besides the five listed here there are other factors that influence success – leadership, creativity, relationships with others and of course luck. But common sense, knowing your field, self reliance, intelligence and the ability to get things done stand out. If you cultivate these traits, chances are you’ll succeed and you might even find yourself listed in the most successful people someday.


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